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Teknia Projects provides alternative and cost effective energy in the municipal market, the provincial market, the commercial market and domestic market.

Our Mission:

To be an innovative provider of technical and project management solutions by reliably responding to customers’ sustainability and energy efficiency needs.

Our Values:

We value customer service excellence, accountability, responsibility and transparency.

Further, we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, objectivity and mutual respect. We are passionate about organisational learning and development.

Our Objectives:

Teknia Projects strives to be a positive and significant player in the infrastructural development of the country. It is committed to contributing to the economic development by ensuring delivery of quality products, customer care, prompt service and strong technical support to its clients which includes various government agencies.

By contributing towards the positive transformation of South Africa, we can employ planning and decision-making processes that provide clear direction and a sense of purpose.

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About the Director

Claude has 21 years of experience in the mining and engineering industry. His expertise lies in production and operations management, electrical engineering, and electrical trade qualifications. 

With pride, he saw the gap in the market during load shedding in South Africa and started to market and install inverter and generator backup systems.

Claude was brought up always to consider sustainability and investing in energy-saving products. During this time, he started to research alternative energy and incorporated new inventions and energy-efficient products onto their solar and inverter installations.

Although this industry was already known, Teknia came in with superior installation standards and products to dominate competitors.

We believe in providing quality and great effort, with lifetime guarantees on our installation workmanship.


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